here is a video of set 3 of my lets draws based on the image story A DREAMS STORY.  to celebrate me finishing writing it which took me ages since I had to wait for the dream to come back and help me piece the story together! It has both a sad and a full circle type ending which I am actually happy with. even if it doesn’t make sense to you I think it will be enjoyable experience to see the type of imagery I have in store for it. 

As of now I am working on Act 1 part 2. which starts where part one left of the burial of Solus, who met his untimely end at the hands of the Forgotten who in turn lost its own life to Solus, which leaves our main character who is still nameless alone. 

oh my god A WORD BLOG! the end of the world!

YOUTUBE!! I has a youtube go subscribe and stuff!  (name is different because it was choosen years ago! so forgive me!!) 


well lately I have been wanting to do something more than just draw things I noticed that people like the things I draw! but also how I draw it too and I thought I would do a load of these videos and more soo what can you expect me to do for the channel I am working on.


well I will be doing Let Draws! which will be based on a number of things like comic book pages, concept art or even what you guys want to see drawn! THERES already two videos there! so go watch them!!! 

not only lets draws! I will be doing animations, what animations? well THONK is coming back I hope as a Animated thing but more like a poor man animation or something like that it will be kool! its still in development! 

also short films! which are animated… because due to not having real actors and money I will make do with what I got and work it into something which should be awesome! 

and lastly TUTORIALS! how to draw this and that! but I will be talking about how I approach drawing in general so the help I give may be wrong but if it helps you to start drawing and give you the basics then THATS ALL YOU NEED to get started I think! 

there may also be other things on there but I can’t talk about them just yet.

so yeah come support me it will help me out LOADS! 

and If you know how to make music let me know because that will help me out also!